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2 DVDs - Laufzeit 150 Minuten - in englischer Sprache

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STITCH RESIST RECONSIDERED is a course on traditional stitch resist basics and experimental use of a sewing machine and smocking pleater to create patterns and textures.

Disc One includes: Japanese hand stitched patterns with many variations. Vintage Japanese shibori is shown including similar techniques from China and Africa. There are comparisons of working on sheers, wool felt, and resist scouring of sericin from silk organzas.

Disc Two begins with a discussion of Katano hand stitched shibori through accordion pleated fabric, and continues with the use of a sewing machine to sew through folds and layers. The DVD concludes with using a smocking pleater tool to facilitate stitching, creating a series of squares for piecing, modular pleated shapes, and textured scarves.


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7753 DVD - Ana Lisa Hedstrom Arashi Shibori